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Crushing videos by Crush Paradise, we take the best food and object crushing videos, barefoot crushing, barefoot food trampling, high heels food crushing and food & object trampling videos since 2011. We have been taking barefoot, high heel and boots crush videos with beautiful models who have high arched sexy feet.

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Food Crushing

We try to take the best food crushing videos with sexy models who has awesome feet. The models crush food without mercy barefoot, high heels, sandals, flip-flops and wedges.

High Heels Crush Videos

Our models love to trample and crush food & objects with high heels, shoes and boots. We take the crush fetish videos with sexy and young foot models.

Crush Fetish Videos

Our beautiful foot models crushes everything under their perfect feet full weight. They crush chocolates, vegetables, cakes, fruits and objects.

Food Trampling Videos

Our models love crushing food and objects under their powerful and sexy. We take best quality crush fetish videos with pro camcorders.

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